“The Best! for padi open water!!!”

What can I say, I just finished, together with my husband the PADI open water at H2O. We had a super teacher Johnny, who really got us through the course perfectly.We started with the teachings and in the afternoon went off to the pool. There we practice all the skills we needed to know. Nui was great as well, and Lee. She took care of our kids, while we where in the pool. And Nui arranged a nanny for the kids on day 2 and 3.

The equipment was perfect as well the arrangement af boats and transfer. We stayed at Thong Nai Pan Yai, and every day Nui arranged a taxi (her family) to pick us up to Noi and bringing us back.

Day Two we went to Koh Ma, good spot, not very good visibility (3 metres) but that changes every day, saw beautiful fish, including scorpion fish. Here we pratice all skills again.

Last day we went off to Sail Rock on a super catamaran boat, really new and nice. I noticed that they all dive with max. 3 persons per divemaster. You will have the best instruction. Johnny took us there through the last skills and was so super good; he's friendly, calm, not pushing you at all. He really worked on my feeling of security. Anyone who is a little bit afraid, take this school!!!!

I want to thank everybody, escpecialy Johnny, who is, i think the greatest teatcher we could get for this course, Nui and Lee for being great people and making it work with 2 kids. Thanks and all the luck!!! - Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands

“Excellent - Certainly the best in the area”

My wife and I have recently returned from Ko Phangan after a 3 month trip taking in a variety of countries (and dive destinations). I dived with H2O as a regular diver, while my wife did her Open Water course there.

We were very impressed with the set up their - don't let the size of their 'office' fool you! My wife was initially very nervous about doing the Open Water course (hence waiting until the end of our trip after a couple of false starts) but found the group levels (one on one in her case) and level of professionalism (and fun) to be perfect for her. I was impressed with how they kept the group sizes small and the level of service was excellent. Lee and Johnny work really hard to make everyone feel comfortable and really make themselves available to you.

I dived with one of the other dive shops in the bay (on a day where I didn't fancy the dive site they were visiting, and was pretty shocked at the level of difference in the service provided - I was not told to fill in the usual PADI forms, we travelled in a slow boat and our dive 'leader' was a dive master trainee - who kept getting lost on a circular dive site and ran out of air when I was still on 150 bar! - dannym28, London

“Great Dive Shop! Beats the usual mass production scheme!”

Quality over quantity! That's H2O Scuba in a nutshell. Came with my SSI Open Water + Wreck Speciality Course, and wanted to do Advanced Open Water. No problem - let's do it....Povided I would accept PADI certification. Of course.... and so we went for it... Had a wonderfull experience with Johnny as Instructor. ( Lee, who sold the idea to me, had a fever, so I got this great oportunity to learn to know Johnny) He is a great teacher, very professional, and a very nice person whom you immediately will trust. (like the rest of the crew such as Nuy, doing all the "habour work" ) Did all in all 10 dives with these guys,had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Felt extremely safe and confident throughout - What more can you ask for? If you go to Koh Phangan and want some nice diving, I strongly recommend H2O Scuba! The dive stes are the same - the people make the difference! - kbinger, Dubai

“Had a great time...”

Just wanted to say a big thank you to H2O for a great three days spent diving.

My wife and I were just going to go and have a 'beginners' dive when we first approached H2O, after a quick chat, some pictures and the enthusiasm of the guys there we decided to go for the 3 day dive and get our PADI certification.

We arrived the next morning and 'dived' straight into the academics as well as the closed water tests, this enabled us to concentrate and 4 dives over the next couple of days at Sail Rock, a great location, one of the best in Thialand (so I am told).

I have to say a big thank you to Jonny, our instructor, he was great, a relaxed and personable guy who made the process a very enjoyable one.

I would recommend H2O to anyone and would go with them again if I ever go back to Koh Phangan. We both had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. - bramster74, London

“Awesome! Open Water Certified while having a blast!”

My husband and I have been interested in getting certified for quite some time but the tedious hours spent in pools and classrooms just didn't appeal to us. When we arrived to Koh Phangan we weren't convinced we'd do it but one stop at H2O and a chat with Lee and Nue and we were sold. We studied in the downtime and had a blast during the day learning with super cool Lee and seeing huge fish and beautiful scenery. I can go on forever but to cut it short, the rates are good, the teacher excellent, understanding and fun. If you've thought about getting certified or just dive with some cool people, this is the place to do it! Highly recommended! - lenkak, London

“Best Dive Shop”

Spent a few days diving with Lee and H2O, easily the best guys we've dived with in Thailand. A perfect mix of a great guy to share a beer with and an amazingly professional instructor / dive leader, it doesn't get any better. - Scott79UK, London

“H2O Scuba at Thong Nai Pan Noi (Koh Phangan)”

Just wanted to share experience with H2O Scuba shop at Thong Nai Pan Noi. Been at this beach three times, but only now passed by H2O and decided to go for diving. Never did diving before, so needed to get thru the "PADI Open Water Course".

It was so exiting - the owner of the shop and the PADI instructor - Lee - is a wonderful, very friendly and experienced guy! H2O Scuba at Thong Nai Pan (Phangan) is recommend for everyone staying at Thong Nai Pan and willing to go diving - sure you will be happy with it. If you are a novice, it will be much easier for you to start diving with Lee as he knows how to make it softer for the beginners. If you are experienced, you'll get a friendly and easy-to-deal guide and all the needed equipment and transfer.

The course resulted in diving at Sail Rock and Koh Ma - very beautiful places for diving. - LourGoodwin, Moscow

“Experienced instructors, great people, fantastic dive sites”

Did my PADI Open Water with the H2O Scuba in Thong Nai Pan Noi. A great group of instructors (Lee, Stormy, Johnny) that inspire confidence from day 1.

Very friendly and customer oriented, will adhere to your individual needs as a trainee and guide you through the course in no time, safely and securely.

Had Stormy as an instructor and can highly recommend her. We blasted through the theoretical and practical exercises in the pool within a day due to her great skills in demonstrating slowly and empathetically to the student.

Then we went on to the Open Water dives managing to achieve 50' underwater as of dive 2. It sure felt good to maximize those 150bars of the dive canister.

H2O Scuba have an arrangement with a great dive boat that is properly setup for ocean diving. Giant stride entries, canister holders, a friendly crew and great lunch (and refreshments) onboard. If I'm ever in Koh Phangan again I'll definitely visit H2O for another round.

Overall great people and very many interesting discussions. Grab a beer with Lee next door at Handsome Sandwiches (grab a juicy burger as well!) and he'll guide you through any dive you want to go for. Highly recommended... - PaniosBanios, Geneva, Switzerland

“Great value for near 1-2-1 tuition”

Fantastic diving school for your PADI or even if you just want to fun dive. Lee was very helpful and Johnny the instructor was patient, friendly and a lot of fun! Will definitely return for a fun dive around Sail Rock. Make sure you have a Handsome Sandwich after the dive! - Curried_Lamba