Discover Scuba


We can take you out to incredible dive sites on the DISCOVER SCUBA DIVE program, with NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We introduce the basics carefully and thorougly and under the close supervision of our pro dive team we show you the natural beauties of the Gulf of Thailand.

If afterwards you decide that you liked the experience so much that you want to take the PADI Open Water course this day trip can count towards your first qualification.

  Koh Ma 3,500 THB
  Sail Rock 4,000 THB
  Ang Thong Marine Park 5,000 THB
  Koh Tao 5,000 THB

Open Water


This 3 day course teaches you all you will need to know about recreational diving. It leads to a PADI certificate that is recognized anywhere in the world. It is the foundation for a life time's diving.

Day 1: Our staff will give you some informative classroom sessions, building your general dive knowledge. On day 1 you also go to a pool where you will be introduced to the equipment and open water dive skills. In the pool you will develop your ability and confidence and take your first breaths underwater.

Day 2: You go out for your first 2 open water dives. These gentle and shallow dives continue your education and they give you your first taste of the underwater world. Throughout the day you will be under the close supervision of your instructor. Don't forget to bring sunscreen.

Day 3: On day 3 you do 2 deeper dives and you become a certified open water diver able to go down to depths of 18 meters. After a short test you will officially be a diver.

    13,900 THB

Advanced Open Water


Follow on from your open water course with the ADVANCED OPEN WATER that lets you hone your skills and knowledge with FIVE ADVENTURE DIVES over TWO DAYS. Your instructor will teach you deep diving techniques (going down as far as 30 meters) and will improve your underwater navigation. You then have 3 more dives. You can choose from a range of adventure dives on offer.

With an advanced open water certificate you can dive every recreational dive site in the world.

      12,900 THB

Rescue Diver


As part of progressing to be a dive master and then a dive instructor learn how to be a rescue diver. The course lasts 2 or 3 days.
  Course cost   12,000 THB

Emergency first response


Another invaluable step in the path to becoming a professional and safe diver. The course lasts 1 or 2 days.
Course cost 4,000 THB

Dive master


As a dive master you have all the skills and professional experience necessary to start making money from your diving. This course takes a number of days.
  Course cost   30,000 THB

All Courses Include

Lunch (including a vegetarian option)
All scuba equipment
Log book
PADI Certificate
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Customer Comments

"I would recommend H2O to anyone and would go with them again if I ever go back to Koh Phangan. We both had a great time and really enjoyed the experience." - Bramster 74

safe and fun